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Geographer by training, global health expert by profession, traveler by passion. Dabbler in writing, pottery, and painting.
My friend Sithembile, who died in 2020. Her name means ‘we hope.’ I have been thinking a lot of her and of what it means to have hope this week.

The moment I realized that COVID was a thing.

Remember plane travel? When strangers squeezed together for hours, breathing the whole time? This was as we landed in Chad in Feb 2020 (photo by the author)

This is seriously my cat’s life. It is pretty freaking great. (photo by the author)

How not to steal a car

Travel. Africa.

Where there is smoke…

Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

Togo. One country in Africa I have not been to, but oh how I want to go.

How an assault and attempted rape transformed me

Mayflower, which eventually felt like home. Photo by the author

Geophagy is incredibly common, so why is it such a hidden practice?

Dirt for sale for eating. Photo Credit Sera Young

and how to appreciate it

The story of two memerable massages

Credit: PeopleImage/Getty Images

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